Fuel Tanks

Let Anel Corporation help you create the ideal custom fuel tank for your application. Through our years of steel fuel tank experience we will be able to review your design and provide insight into the most efficient and cost effective way to produce your fuel tank. We can also assmeble your tank with various required accessories (valves, flanges, etc.). In addition, all tanks are put through the most thorough cleaning process in the industry prior to shipping.

Spec Sheet
MaterialAll Grades of Carbon Steel and Aluminum are available.
Tank SizeWe can create all shapes and sizes of fuel tanks. Discuss the available space and application requirements with our engineers to create the best possible tank.
Tank CapacityWe can create tanks with a capacity of 1 to more than 500 gallons.
Weld QualityHigh quality welds are the most important aspect of tank fabrication. We have highly skilled and experienced welders fabricate your tank and certified weld inspectors on staff to review and approve all welds. This provides you with the most reliable tank for your application.
SubassembliesWe can create mountings and assemble the tank with any necessary valves, couplers, or tubing required for operation.
CleaningAll Tanks are shipped with a minimum ISO cleanliness rating of 20/18/15 (better ISO ratings available). Our cleaning process is the best in the business. We adhere to and test every tank to ISO standards prior to delivery. The ISO rating of each tank is recorded before shipment.
Minimum OrderWe can accommodate the creation of prototypes up to high volume runs.
Secondary OperationsWe offer a full complement of added value operations: punching, forming, machining, bending, welding, shot blasting, painting/powder coating, and cleaning.
Quality ControlAll Material certifications are directly from the mill. We have a strict Quality Assurance system including: Dimensional Measurement/Inspection Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing Leak Testing Product Testing
Preferred Design Drawing File TypesWe prefer Pro/E files. We also accept AutoCAD, IGES, STEP, PDF, and all image files.