About Us

Anel Corporation, founded as Anel Engineering Industries, Incorporated in 1965, is an established supplier of custom fabricated metal products and machinery. At its inception, Anel was a manufacturer of structural steel service station canopies for major oil companies. With the escalating cost of oil that came in the mid 1970’s, this market took a downward turn. With this falling market, Anel began to diversify its products and specialize in custom metal fabrications. In January of 1990, under new management, Anel Engineering Industries, Incorporated changed the corporate name to Anel Industries, Incorporated to portray the company as a manufacturer rather than an engineering firm since all products built at Anel were designed by our customers.

On July 1, 1996, the Charles B. Holder Jr. Family of Bay Springs, Mississippi purchased Anel Industries, Inc. and renamed the company Anel Corporation with Charles B. Holder as president. Mr. Holder, realizing the need for a company to have vision and a mission, along with employees from all areas of the Company developed and adopted a mission statement that includes the policy adopted by Mr. Holder. This policy reads as follows: 1. Place our customers and suppliers as the most important element to operations, followed immediately by our employees. 2. Provide our customers with high quality products and service, competitively priced, delivered on time, providing profits for growth and rewards for our employees.

Located five miles south of Winona, Mississippi on highway 51, Anel is a privately held company employing 155 people from Carroll and surrounding counties. This site contains our 92,500 square foot manufacturing facility as well as 4,200 square feet set aside for office space and our recently renovated training center. Our employee base is made up of 134 direct labor employees and 22 indirect and support personnel.

Our workforce requires a range of skills from entry level trainees to high level engineering. All employees are committed to our mission and are highly motivated to meet the challenges presented. Anel’s ability for continual growth is limited primarily by the availability of trained and trainable employees. Although we work closely with our local community college, our rural location dictates that we develop and supply most of our own education needs. We accomplish this in our on site training center, and also on the production floor. This training is necessary to allow our employees to meet the Company’s ever growing need for a highly skilled workforce, allowing us to remain competitive and profitable in our marketplace.